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The Santa Clara Dermatology Department has 10 dermatologists:

We are all either board certified or eligible.  We are versed in the diagnosis and treatment of most, if not all benign and malignant skin growths. 


Usually a biopsy (taking a small piece) of the growth is needed to establish a diagnosis before definitive surgery. 


Both procedures are done under local anesthesia


Non-melanoma skin cancer and early, thin melanomas are generally curable by conventional local surgery. 


If the skin cancer is large or in a cosmetically sensitive area, we will sometimes refer to Plastic, Head and Neck or Mohs surgery for treatment.  The American Academy of Dermatology website (www.aad.org) is an excellent online source of information, as is the Skin Cancer Foundation (www.skincancer.org) , about the types of skin cancer and their management.


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